Great Wars

Little is known of the First Great War. All that remains from it are some scattered ruins, and some report some towers made of stone that looks as though it were made of tiny scales.

The Second Great War was perhaps 1200 years ago and it lasted for nearly 70 years. The elves, led by the [[Emperor-King Reulan]] thought the other races were less than they, and should no longer be tolerated. They struck swiftly and without warning or mercy, slaying all non-elves that they found and reducing towns to rubble. Elven mages and druids worked together to raise a great forest in the fallen kingdoms stead, which is now known as the elfwood or the faewood.

The humans recovered, and rallied the other races to their cause, and led a Grand army to meet the faefolk in battle. There were many battles, skirmishes, but the one that is still spoken of today is the battle of the Rifts. Called that because of the massive magical forces that were brought to bear in a relatively small area of land, causing rifts to appear(and spread uncontrollably) and wreak havok on all sides.

A truce was called, after the elves saw what the rifts had done to their homeland, acquiesced to the humans demands that Reulan would be exiled, and there would be peace.

Great Wars

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