The world of Esso is a world that has seen more than it’s fair share of troubles. There have been several Great Wars between the races over the millenia, and hatreds run deep. What may be a prologue to the next war ended 8 years ago, and the people are beginning to relax. The dwarves have isolated themselves into their vast mostly underground kingdoms, and the fae folk have similarly closed the borders to their forest homes. The humans are trying to become vital trade partners with everyone, and the halflings were decimated by the war and have mostly scattered with a few exceptions. Other races are scarce.

There has been a surge of popularity for a new faith among the humans, behind it rumored to be a man who became a god. The roads are not safe to travel alone or even in small groups as bandits prey upon anything they can, usually avoiding larger and heavily defended caravans.

The Tempest

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